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Monday, 16 January 2017

The Necessity of Properly Insuring Your Farm Machinery and Vehicles

If you are an agriculturist you have to give careful consideration to insurance in an entire range of your everyday activities. Since purchasing farm equipment requires big investments so it is very important to insure your farm machinery, which may include agricultural tractors, harvester/header, combines, sprayers and other equipment.

Why You Should Insure Farm Vehicles?
Firstly, farm vehicles are just as hazardous as any passenger vehicles and at times more so. Many of these vehicles are much higher priced than passenger motor vehicles. Losing one of these vehicles without adequate insurance to counterbalance the cost of purchasing a new one, could be devastating to an agricultural business.

Secondly, projectiles from a farming vehicle can unintentionally do damage to other motorist's cars. Your insurance will cover all such types of damages. Snappy drivers can cause accidents that include your mobile equipment. Since they are in such a rush they are at a risk of mishaps. Moreover, these people are not even aware that they have caused a crash. Insurance covers these accidents too.

Hazards Associated With Header/Harvester
  • Intertwining in the discharge augers in the grain tank
  • Coming in contact with overhead electrical cables
  • Coming in contact with straw chopper or spreader
  • Getting trapped under the header
Getting low rate harvester, header insurance is the best course of action to take. It will protect others and yourself if an unfortunate mishap occurs. Online organizations can also help you in purchasing the correct policy for your farm vehicle.

Insurance Issues
Policies for agricultural vehicles normally have clauses concerning obligations, with respect to the policyholder. If you transgress on any of those, in case of a claim your demand for financial compensation will be refused. That's why be clear about what your obligations are.
Another most common situation where your cover can be invalidated is allowing an unauthorized party drive your harvester/header. There might be typical clauses regarding minimum ages of drivers, the amount of time somebody has held a license and the kind of license they hold. Though it might entice some of the time to do otherwise, don't allow someone in an excluded category drive your vehicle.


To conclude it's essential to understand that the only valid source for insurance advice relevant to your specific conditions should be your insurance provider. Get the best quote on your harvester, header insurance from an experienced insurance provider in your area and also proper cover against risk of breakdown, fire, or direct damage from most external causes.


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